Solution Manual for Chemistry: Principles and Practice – Daniel Reger, Scott Goode

Solution Manual for Chemistry: Principles and Practice 3rd Edition

+ Textbook for Third edition

Author(s): Daniel L. Reger, Scott R. Goode, David W. Bal

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First product is the textbook for 3rd Edition. Its specification and the cover are available in following.

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About the textbook: A text that truly embodies its name, CHEMISTRY: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE connects the chemistry students learn in the classroom (principles) with real-world uses of chemistry (practice). The authors accomplish this by starting each chapter with an application drawn from a chemical field of interest and revisiting that application throughout the chapter. The Case Studies, Practice of Chemistry essays, and Ethics in Chemistry questions reinforce the connection of chemistry topics to areas such as forensics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and industry. Read more

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Solution Manual Chemistry 3rd Edition Daniel Reger Scott Goode

Second product is official resources for 3rd Edition which includes Solution Manual, Test Bank, Quizzes and some other resources. The Solution Manual covers all chapters 1 to 22 and there is one file for each of the chapters (totally has 346 pages). The Test Bank and Quizzes are available but not in usual formats like PDF for Word; You need to access to Blackboard or WebCT To use Test Ban and Quizzes.

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