Solution Manual for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering – Giorgio Rizzoni

Solution Manual for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2nd Edition (International Student Edition) + Textbook

Author(s): Giorgio Rizzoni

The textbook and Solution Manual for Fundamentals Electrical Engineering by Rizzoni are sold separately. You can contact us if you have any questions.

First product is the textbook for 2nd ISE edition in original PDF format. Its specification and the cover are available in following.

Rizzoni Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Download

About the textbook: The International Student Edition of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2nd Edition by Giorgio Rizzoni. The content of of this title on all formats are the same. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering represents an effort to make the principles of electrical and computer engineering accessible to students in various engineering disciplines. The principal objective of the book is to present the fundamentals of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical engineering to an audience of engineering majors enrolled in introductory and more advanced or specialized electrical engineering courses. Read more

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Size101 MB


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Solution Manual Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2nd international Edition Giorgio Rizzoni

Second product is official resources for 2nd ISE edition which includes Solution Manual and lecturer’s slides. The Solution Manual covers all chapters 1 to 19 and there is one Word file for each of the chapters. Also, lecturer’s PowerPoint slides are available for all chapter in this product. Total size of product is about 89 MB.

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Total Size70.2 MB


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