Solution Manual for Reinforced Concrete – James Wight, James MacGregor

Solution Manual for Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design – 7th and 6th Edition

+ Texbooks for 6th and 7th edition

Author(s): James K. Wight, James G. MacGregor

Textbooks and Solution Manual Reinforced Concrete Wight are sold in this page; So please pay attention to all details.

First product is the textbooks for “Reinforced Concrete 6th and 7th Editions”. Their specifications and the covers are available in following.

Reinforced Concrete, Mechanics and Design, 6th Edition - James K. Wight, James G. MacGregorDownload Reinforced Concrete 7th edition by Wight & MacGregor

About the textbook: Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design uses the theory of reinforced concrete design to teach readers the basic scientific and artistic principles of civil engineering. The text takes a topic often introduced at the advanced level and makes it accessible to all audiences by building a foundation with core engineering concepts. The Seventh Edition is up-to-date with the latest Building Code for Structural Concrete, giving readers access to accurate information that can be applied outside of the classroom. Read more

File Specification for 7th Edition

Size35.1 MB

File Specification for 6th Edition

Size14 MB


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Second product is official solution manual for 7th edition which covers all chapters 3 to 19 of the textbook. There is one Word file for each of chapters. There are no solved problems for chapters 1, 2 and 16.

Download Sample for Solution Manual 7th Edition

File Specification

Size for full resources72.4 MB


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Wight MacGregor Reinforced Concrete 6th Edition Download

Third product includes two Solution manuals for 6th edition:

1 – Official Solution Manual which covers chapter 3 to chapter 19.

2 – Non-official solutions for sixth edition (chapters 4 to 19) in JPG format. It means that there is one JPG image for each of solutions. Click here to see that sample of

Download Sample for non-official Solutions 6th edition

(important explanation for non-official solutions 6th edition)

Specification for official Solution

Size16.6 MB

Specification for non-official Solutions

ExtensionImage (JPG)
Total Number of Solved Problems116
Size75.4 MB


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