Solution Manual For Viscous Fluid Flow – Frank White

Solution Manual For Viscous Fluid Flow 4th and 3rd Edition

+ Textbook for 4th International and 2nd edition

Author(s): Frank M. White, Joseph Majdalani

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First product includes two textbooks for 4th Edition (International Student Edition) and 2nd Edition. Their specifications and the covers are available in following.Download Viscous Fluid Flow 4th edition Frank White

White Viscous Fluid Flow 2nd edition Download

About the textbook: Since 1974, Viscous Fluid Flow has been known for its academic rigor and effectiveness at serving as a convenient “one-stop shop” for those interested in expanding their knowledge of the rich and evolving field of fluid mechanics. The fourth edition contains important updates and over 200 new references while maintaining the tradition of fulfilling the role of a senior or first-year graduate textbook on viscous motion with a well-balanced mix of engineering applications. Read more

File Specification for Textbook 4th edition

Size33.6 MB

File Specification for Textbook 2nd edition

Size17 MB


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Solution Manual Viscous Fluid Flow 4th Edition Frank White

Second product is official solution manual for 4th edition which covers all chapters 1 to 7 of the textbook. There is one Word file for each of chapters and has 499 pages totally.

Download Sample for Solution Manual 4th edition

File Specification for 4th Edition

Size27.2 MB


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Third product is solution manual for 3rd edition with the following specification:

File Specification for 3rd Edition

Size15.5 MB


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