Solution Manual for MATLAB for Engineers – Holly Moore

Solution Manual for MATLAB for Engineers 6th and 4th Edition

Author(s): Holly Moore

Solution Manual MATLAB for Engineers 6th Edition Holly Moore

This product includes Full official resources for 6th and 4th Edition. These files are most completest resources than can be found. It means there are no more resources bear the publication too. We can’t guarantee how much solutions are complete or not.

Resources for 6th Edition covers chapters 2 to 15 and there is one Folder file for each of chapters which contains Solutions for HomeWorks and some other files in >mat, .slx and .dat Formats. Solution Manual for MATLAB for Engineers by Moore (Solution for HomeWorks) are available in PDF, Word and mlx Formats and covers chapters 2 to 14 which has 353 pages. Total size of resources for 6th edition is 54.1 MB. Surely check the sample before the purchase.

Resources for 4th Edition includes Solutions, MATLAB codes and Slides. Solutions are available for some of chapters in .dat, .fig and .mat formats (not in PDF or Word formats). Figures Slides are available for all chapters of the book. The total size of resources for 4th edition is 81.9 MB.

About the textbook (only the resources are available for sale): MATLAB® For Engineers starts at the beginning to introduce first-year engineering students to MATLAB. Starting with basic algebra, you’ll learn how MATLAB can be used to solve a wide range of engineering problems. Examples taken from concepts presented in early chemistry, physics, and first- and second-year engineering classes are included. Read more

Sample for Solution Manual for MATLAB for Engineers by Moore


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