Solution Manual for Organometallic Chemistry – Gary Spessard, Gary Miessler

Solution Manual for Organometallic Chemistry 3rd Edition

+ Textbook for 2nd Edition

Authors: Gary O. Spessard, Gary L. Miessler

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Solution Manual Organometallic Chemistry 3rd edition Gary Spessard Gary Miessler

First product is official Solution Manual for 3rd Edition. This Solution Manual covers all chapters (Chapters 1 to 13 + Appendix B) of the textbook. Also Images slides are available in this package. Please check the following sample in order to understand more about the file.

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Second product is textbook for “Organometallic Chemistry 2nd Edition by Gary O. Spessard, Gary L. Miessler”. Its specifications and the cover is available in following.

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About the textbook: Designed with the needs of both undergraduate and graduate students in mind, Organometallic Chemistry, Second Edition, covers the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry by presenting seminal experiments, analyzing real data, and offering the most comprehensive problem sets available. The text opens with careful and patient explanations of the structure and bonding of organometallic compounds, providing a uniquely accessible introduction to the subject for undergraduate students. Later chapters build on this foundation with in-depth coverage of organometallic reaction mechanisms, more advanced topics of catalysis, carbene complexes, metathesis, applications of organometallic chemistry to organic synthesis, and cluster compounds. Read more

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