Solution Manual for Statics and Mechanics of Materials – Ferdinand Beer, Russell Johnston

Solution Manual for Statics and Mechanics of Materials – 2nd Edition

Author(s): Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston, John T. Dewolf, David F. Mazurek

The Solution Manual and the textbook are sold separately.

First product is the textbook. Its Specification and the cover are available in following.

Ferdinand Beer Statics and Mechanics of Materials Download

About the textbook: The approach of the Beer and Johnston series has been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of students over decades of engineering education. The Statics and Mechanics of Materials text uses this proven methodology in an extensively revised edition, aimed at programs that teach these two subjects together or as a two semester sequence. Maintaining the proven methodology and pedagogy of the Beer and Johnson series, Statics and Mechanics of Materials combines the theory and application behind these two subjects into one cohesive text. A wealth of problems, Beer and Johnston’s hallmark sample problems, and valuable review and summary sections at the end of each chapter, highlight the key pedagogy of the text. Read more

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Size93.3 MB


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Solution Manual Statics and Mechanics of Materials 2nd Edition Ferdinand Beer Russell Johnston

Second product is the official Solution Manual for 2nd Edition. The Solution Manual covers all chapters of the textbook (chapters 2 to 16). There is one folder for each of chapters and there is one WORD document for each of problems (1248 problems in total). Also, lecturer’s PowerPoint slides for all of 16 chaptersĀ  are available in this package.

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Number of Solved problems1248
Size375 MB


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