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Solution Manual for Introduction to Subsurface Imaging + Textbook

Author(s): Bahaa Saleh

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About the textbook: Describing and evaluating the basic principles and methods of subsurface sensing and imaging, Introduction to Subsurface Imaging is a clear and comprehensive treatment that links theory to a wide range of real-world applications in medicine, biology, security and geophysical/environmental exploration. It integrates the different sensing techniques (acoustic, electric, electromagnetic, optical, x-ray or particle beams) by unifying the underlying physical and mathematical similarities, and computational and algorithmic methods. Time-domain, spectral and multisensor methods are also covered, whilst all the necessary mathematical, statistical and linear systems tools are given in useful appendices to make the book self-contained. Featuring a logical blend of theory and applications, a wealth of color illustrations, homework problems and numerous case studies, this is suitable for use as both a course text and as a professional reference. Read more

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Solution Manual Introduction to Subsurface Imaging Bahaa Saleh

The solution manual is provided officially and covers all chapters of the textbook (chapters 2 to 9). It is in PDF format.

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