Test Bank + Solutions for Information Security – Gurpreet Dhillon

Test Bank + Solution Manual for Information Security: Text and Cases – 2nd edition

Author(s): Gurpreet Dhillon

Test Bank and Solution Manual for Information Security by Gurpreet Dhillon

This product is provided officially and includes Test Bank, Solutions to Exercises and Cases, Answer to End Of Chapter Short Questions, Additional End of Chapter Short Question and Lecturer PowerPoint slides.

Test Bank is in Word format and totally has 62 pages and covers all chapters of the textbook (chapters 1 to 14).

Solutions to Exercises and Cases is in PDF format and totally has 64 pages and covers exercises 1 to 7 and cases 1 and 2. Surely check the sample before payment.

Answer to End Of Chapter Short Questions is available in Word format and has 8 pages and covers chapters 1 to 14.

Download Sample for Test Bank

Download Sample for Solutions to Exercises and Cases

File Specification

ExtensionPDF, Word, PPT
Size13.4 MB


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