Solution Manual for Electronics with Discrete Components – Enrique Galvez

Solution Manual for Electronics with Discrete Components

+ Textbook for 1st Edition

Author: Enrique J. Galvez

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Solution Manual Electronics with Discrete Components Enrique Galvez

First product is official resources of the book which includes Solution Manual and Lab Manual. The Solution Manual covers all 19 chapters of the textbook. Solution Manual is in PDF format and has 260 pages totally. Also​,​ this product includes a Lab Manual too. Please check the following sample before the purchase.

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Size10.15 MB

Table of contents:

1 The Basics 3
1.1 Exercises
1.2 Problems
2 Introduction to Digital Electronics
2.1 Exercises
2.2 Problems
3 Combinational Logic
3.1 Exercises
3.2 Problems
4 Advanced Combinational Devices
4.1 Exercises
4.2 Problems
5 Sequential Logic
5.1 Exercises
5.2 Problems
6 AC Signals
6.1 Exercises
6.2 Problems
7 Filters and the Frequency Domain
7.1 Exercises
7.2 Problems
8 Diodes
8.1 Problems
9 Transistors
9.1 Exercises
9.2 Problems
10 Operational Amplifiers
10.1 Exercises
10.2 Problems
11 Connecting Digital to Analog and to the World 159
11.1 Exercises
11.2 Problems


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Second product is textbook for “Electronics with Discrete Components 1st Edition by Enrique Galvez”. Its specifications and the cover is available in following.

Enrique Galvez Electronics with Discrete Components Download

About the textbook: Designed for a one semester course on electronics for physics and science majors, this text offers a comprehensive, up-to-date alternative to currently available texts by providing a modern approach to the course. It includes the mix of theory and practice that matches the typical electronics course syllabus with balanced coverage of both digital and analog electronics. Read more

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Size8.6 MB


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