Solution Manual and Test Bank for Chemistry – Steven Zumdahl, Susan Zumdahl

Solution Manual + Test Bank for Chemistry 10th and 9th Edition

+ Textbook for 9th and 10th edition

Author(s): Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste

The textbook, Test Bank and Solution Manual for Chemistry by Zumdahl are sold separately. You can contact us if you have any questions.

First product is full official resources for 10th Edition which includes Solution Manual, Test Bank, Instructor’s Resource Manual, Lecturer’s PowerPoint slides. The solution Manual covers all chapters of the textbook (chapters 1 to 22), there is one PDF file for each of chapters which has 931 pages. Also, Test Bank covers all chapters too, there is one Word file for each of chapters which has 1476 pages totally. The Instructor’s Resource Manual has 115 pages. Lecturer’s PowerPoint slides are available for all chapters too. Surely Check the sample of solution manual and Test Bank before the payment.

Download Sample for Solution Manual 10th Edition
Download Sample for Test Bank 10th Edition


Payment for First product (Full official resources for 10th edition)

Solution Manual for Chemistry 9th ed - Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A. Zumdahl - 872pd14mb

Second product is Solution Manual for 9th Edition with the following specification:

File Specification for Solution Manual 9th Edition

Size for full resources14 MB


Payment for second product (Solution Manual for Chemistry by Zumdahl 9th Edition)

Third product includes two E-book for 8th and 9th editions. Their specifications and covers are available in following.

Download Chemistry 10th Edition Steven Zumdahl Susan Zumdahl Donald DeCoste

Chemistry 9th Edition Steven Zumdahl Susan Zumdahl Download

About the textbook: Learn the skills you need to succeed in your chemistry course with CHEMISTRY, Tenth Edition. This trusted text has helped generations of students learn to think like chemists and develop problem-solving skills needed to master even the most challenging problems. Clear explanations and interactive examples help you build confidence for the exams, so that you can study to understand rather than simply memorize. Read more

File Specification for Textbook 10th Edition

Size68.4 MB

File Specification for Textbook 9th Edition

Size60 MB


Payment for the Third product (textbooks for 10th and 9th Edition)

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