Solution Manual for Modern Physics – Stephen Thornton, Andrew Rex

Solution Manual for Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers 5th and 4th Edition

+ Textbook for 4th Edition

Author(s): Stephen T. Thornton, Andrew Rex, Carol E. Hood

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Solution Manual for Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers 5th edition by Stephen Thornton Andrew Rex

First product is full official resources for 5th edition which includes Instructors Solution Manual, Lecturer’s PowerPoint slides and Images slides. The solution manual covers chapters 2 to 16, there is one Word file for each of chapters¬† which has 239 pages totally. Also, lecturer’s PowerPoint slides are available for all chapters of the book (chapters 1 to 16). Surely check the sample of the solution manual for 5th edition before the payment.

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Second product is the solution manual for 4th edition with the following specification.

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Third product is textbook for “Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4th Edition”. Its specification and the cover is available in following.

Thornton Rex Modern Physics 4th edition Download

About the textbook: Learn about the latest discoveries in physics with MODERN PHYSICS. This book offers a contemporary and comprehensive approach to physics with a strong emphasis on applications to help you see how concepts in the book relate to the real world. Discussions on the experiments that led to certain key discoveries illustrate the process behind scientific advances and give you a historical perspective. The book also provides a solid foundation in quantum theory to help you understand more advanced physics concepts.  Read more

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