Solution Manual for Principles of Modern Chemistry – David Oxtoby, Pat Gillis

Solution Manual for Principles of Modern Chemistry 8th Edition

+ Textbook for 8th Edition

Author: David W. Oxtoby, H. Pat Gillis, Laurie J. Butler

The Textbook and Solution Manual for Modern Chemistry by Oxtoby & Gillis sold separately. You can contact us if you have any questions.

Solution Manual Principles of Modern Chemistry 8th Edition David Oxtoby Pat Gillis

First product is official Solution Manual for 8th Edition which covers all chapters of the textbook (chapters 1 to 23). The solution manual is a PDF file with 209 pages. It must be notified the solution manual includes the even problems only; So surely check the sample before the purchase.

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Second product is textbook for “Principles of Modern Chemistry 8th Edition by Oxtoby & Gillis”. Its specification and the cover is available in following.

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About the textbook: Long considered the standard for covering chemistry at a high level, PRINCIPLES OF MODERN CHEMISTRY continues to set the standard as the most modern, rigorous, and chemically and mathematically accurate book on the market. This authoritative text features an “atoms first” approach and thoroughly revised chapters on Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Structure (Chapter 6), Electrochemistry (Chapter 17), and Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry (Chapter 20). In addition, the text utilizes mathematically accurate and artistic atomic and molecular orbital art, and is student friendly without compromising its rigor. Read more

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