Solution Manual Thermodynamics in Materials Science – Robert DeHoff

Solution Manual for Thermodynamics in Materials Science 2nd Edition + Textbook for 2nd Edition

Author(s): Robert DeHoff

The Solution Manual and the textbook are sold separately.

First product is the textbook. Its Specification and the cover are available in following.

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About the textbook: Thermodynamics in Materials Science, Second Edition is a clear presentation of how thermodynamic data is used to predict the behavior of a wide range of materials, a crucial component in the decision-making process for many materials science and engineering applications. This primary textbook accentuates the integration of principles, strategies, and thermochemical data to generate accurate “maps” of equilibrium states, such as phase diagrams, predominance diagrams, and Pourbaix corrosion diagrams. It also recommends which maps are best suited for specific real-world scenarios and thermodynamic problems. Read more

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Solution Manual Thermodynamics in Materials Science Robert DeHoff

Second product is the official Solution Manuals and covers all chapters of the textbook (chapters 2 to 15).

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